Features Oct 06, 2023

Scan Bank Statements into Excel with MMC Receipt

Managing bank and credit card statements is a crucial aspect for individuals and businesses, and the challenge is real. PDF format, while widely used, poses limitations when it comes to organizing and

Features Jul 10, 2021

Seamlessly importing the data from MMC Receipt in any accounting software

Almost all organizations and businesses have to manage invoices and bills, and in this process, businesses generally check the data such as line item, amount, supplier name and address, date, invoice,

Features May 13, 2021

Adding team members to a receipt scanning app

For a long time, companies have used manual methods of managing receipts, allowing them to spend hours browsing through several invoices.  A receipt scanner app allows you to easily manage the receipt

Features Apr 22, 2021

OCR – An important tool for Receipt Scanning

A receipt carries important information which is needed for trade to occur between companies and much of it is on paper or PDFs and images of hard copies. To manage the information properly, companies

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