Productivity Aug 25, 2023

MMC Receipt: Your Reliable and Efficient Alternative to Dext Prepare

MMC Receipt is a platform used to manage and account the receipts that businesses depend on to keep accurate, secure financial records. MMC Receipt is the ultimate alternative to Dext Prepare. It is a

Integrated Software Jan 06, 2023

Scan receipts into QuickBooks online for an effortless experience

Are you a business owner & using Quickbooks Online for your Business expense management work? Business owners use Quickbooks Online as it is a renowned accounting software which makes expense mana

Productivity Dec 21, 2022

The Solution to Importing PDF Bank Statements into Xero

Accounting professionals need to convert PDF Bank Statements into CSV format to be able to import into XERO Software. Are you engaged in Converting PDF Bank Statement to CSV Format manually for import

Features Jul 10, 2021

Seamlessly importing the data from MMC Receipt in any accounting software

Almost all organizations and businesses have to manage invoices and bills, and in this process, businesses generally check the data such as line item, amount, supplier name and address, date, invoice,

Productivity Jun 24, 2021

The easiest way you can avoid late expense reimbursement

Reimbursable expenses are the expenses that a business incurs on behalf of the customers while conducting their business. These expenses may include travel, currency conversion fees, office expenses,

Productivity Jun 08, 2021

Importance of receipt management for bookkeepers

A source document is an important part of the accounting and bookkeeping process. It can include receipts, bills, invoices – it is anything that documents a transaction. Every time a business sp

Productivity May 27, 2021

Receipt scanning app for easily managing expenses

Receipts and expense records help businesses, assessing if they are utilizing their finances properly. Especially when you have several employees making business-related expenses, this all becomes mor

Features May 13, 2021

Adding team members to a receipt scanning app

For a long time, companies have used manual methods of managing receipts, allowing them to spend hours browsing through several invoices.  A receipt scanner app allows you to easily manage the re

Productivity May 06, 2021

A must-have Receipt Scanning App for your business

MMC Receipt for your team members simplifies their life by automating all of the boring manual receipt management processes by providing them an easy-to-use receipt scanner app. MMC Receipt is a mobil

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